How Our $150 Maximum Fixed Management Fee Saves You Money

How our $150 Maximum Fixed Management Fee Saves You Money

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Assume Monthly RentMonthly Management Fee @ 5%Monthly Management Fee @ 6%Our Monthly Management FeeCalculate Your Monthly Management Savings


Some management companies charge a combined fee of 10% which includes management and leasing. This is in contrast to charging a lesser management fee and a separate leasing fee which averages 5% of one year’s rent.

Given that most tenants tend to stay for 3 to 4 years, paying a combined 10% is very costly. For Example:


Assume Monthly Rent10% Equals$150 Flat FeeLeasing Commission of 5% Amortized over 2 yearsYou Save


If your rent is over $4,000 per month, you save more. If your tenant stays over 2 years, you save more.

Do the math. Don’t Overpay.