Morrison Ranch Estates
Homes for Sale - Agoura Hills, based in Agoura Hills, also commonly referred to as Agoura Hills Realtors and Agoura Hills Realty, has been a Morrison Ranch Estates specialist since 1987. In fact, the owners of have owned a home in Morrison Ranch since 1985.

Morrison Ranch is an affluent community of 1,226 homes consisting of two major sections: Morrison Ranch Estates and Morrison Highlands. Homes in Morrison Ranch Estates range in size from approximately, 2,400 to 3,580 square feet while homes in Morrison Highlands range in size from approximately 3,800 to 5,700 square feet. Morrison Ranch has a reputation for being one of the most desirable communities in the Conejo Valley.

The Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners' Association is the name of the homeowner association that governs the Morrison Ranch Estates community. The association is governed by an elected board of directors that consists of five homeowners. The 1,226 home association includes the Morrison Highlands, Morrison West Meadows, Morrison South Meadows, Morrison North Meadows and Morrison East Meadows. Given the affluence of the area and the size of the association, the Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners' Association is considered to be one of the most politically powerful groups in Agoura Hills and in the Conejo Valley.

The Morrison Highlands, also known as the Morrison Ranch Highlands, is that section of Morrison Ranch with the largest, highest quality, and most expensive single family detached homes, on large lots, in the Conejo Valley. It is a beautiful neighborhood with many of the homes having great views of the Santa Monica Mountains, including Ladyface Mountain.

Most of the homes in Morrison Ranch are located north of Thousand Oaks Boulevard between Reyes Adobe Road on the west and Kanan Road on the east. The Agoura Hills Open Space, also known as the Open Space Wilderness Reserve, is located directly to the north of Morrison Ranch. The public schools include Willow Elementary School, Yerba Buena Elementary School, Lindero Middle School, and Agoura High School.

Morrison Ranch is known for its wide streets, extensive green belts, clean air, surrounding hills and open space, mature trees, and its excellent schools.

Morrison Ranch is located just north of the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Santa Monica National Recreation Area. Many of the homes in Morrison Ranch have excellent views of the surrounding mountains.

Morrison Park is a neighborhood park within the Morrison Ranch Estates community in the city of Agoura Hills. The park features covered picnic areas, barbeques, a children's play area, restrooms, a full outdoor basketball court, plenty of open space, and a great view of Ladyface Mountain.

The open space wilderness preserve located directly north of Morrison Ranch Estates and adjacent to and south of the Oak Park Open Space is commonly called the Agoura Hills Open Space or the Morrison Ranch Open Space. The area serves as a habitat for rabbits and other wildlife, including coyotes. In addition, the area provides nesting areas for various types of birds native to Agoura Hills and the Conejo Valley. Other open spaces exist in the southern and eastern areas of Agoura Hills adjoining the Santa Monica Mountains.

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